The military jacket women-style is one of the most interesting trends that has ever existed in the fashion world. For this reason, many brands and designers have started offering masculine looks with masculine characteristics. It’s no secret that many women want to dress like men, a good reason to try military jacket women-style clothing. The main reason for choosing women’s military coats and jackets is comfort and functionality. Another advantage of these models is their age versatility, suitable for women of any age.

That’s why today I present to you my favorite military jacket women-style coats and jackets for the fall-winter season. Discover amazing outerwear designs to showcase your stylish and unique new look. I am 100% sure that you will find the unique military jacket women-style that will make you masculine and strong while maintaining your femininity and uniqueness.

Today we take a look at the most popular military jacket women of this fall season, inspired by military and army-style. It’s the perfect cover-ups to parade through the streets. I put together some nice solid and structured designs that look like some kind of fancy armor to me. You can take on a big bad world in one of these handsome styles with brass buttons, patch pockets, charismatic collars, camo, and endless color play. If khaki and green are not your things, you can play with many other colors and shades, because the military image is hidden in the structure of the outerwear and the cut.

Thanks to the masculine details, the feminity and feminine silhouette of the garment are distinguished. What attracts me the most is that contrast is an effective factor in attractive clothing. The military jacket women started out as a trend and today is a classic cape that can be worn with almost any style.

Military Jackets Women For Winter

In winter, the military jacket women can be combined with various prints, large accessories, skirts, and heavy thick boots. I love pairing feminine dresses with sneakers, oversized boots, and this oversized embellished jacket.

There are so many interesting patterns and colors of military jacket women’s styles to choose from, from belted olive-green to urban camouflage. I’m about to show you a complete military-style jacket style guide with the perfect capes for walking the streets. You do not know where to start? I’m here to show you different lengths, prints, colors, and shapes. There are great styles to wear with vintage pieces, 1970s-inspired flared jeans, printed dresses, and more.

Personally, I like to see women wearing a military-style jacket over feminine blouses, dresses or skirts. Indeed, military fashion is about mixing masculine military basics with feminine clothes and details. I highly recommend trying the military trend this year.

Styles of Military Jackets You’ll Want to Have in Your Wardrobe

The main goal is to find military jacket women that suit your style this season. Read our list of top tips to help you choose the right military jacket to have in your wardrobe. Keep the following tips in mind when looking for the perfect look.

  • Double-breasted styles are in vogue, but fitted single-button silhouettes are popular alternatives.
  • God is in the details – if you love drama and glamour, look for military jacket women with gold trim on the sleeves, shoulder pads, and front of the jacket.
  • For those of us who prefer a “less is more” approach, check out the military-style jacket for women with flat round gold buttons down the front and down the sleeve.
  • Play with proportions. Consider a peacoat for shorter, looser military jacket women with distinctive vertical pockets on the front.
  • Consider a slimmer silhouette for a sexier look or a tailored blazer for work.
  • Want a more casual style? Consider an oversized military jacket with less cut.
  • When it comes to outerwear, look no further than a trench coat – decide if you prefer ankle length or mid-thigh length. Either an acceptable length to protect us from the weather
  • How about a tank top that closes in the front with brass buttons?
  • Also pay attention to colors: blue, black, and red are more common, but burgundy is becoming increasingly popular. Or why not add a pop of color with poppy red/orange?
  • Pay attention to wool, leather, and denim.

Ways To Wear The Military Jacket Women

Whether you’ve already purchased a military-style jacket or are seriously considering it, here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your look.

  • For a casual look, wear faded jeans, ripped or not, with an oversized military-style blazer.
  • Wear a tailored military jacket with matching pants or a skirt for work.
  • Add a silk shirt and trousers to wear under your raincoat.
  • Wear a bra under a double-breasted military jacket, skinny pants, and let your hair down for your next romantic night.
  • Pair a jacket with a mini skirt for an on-trend look. Instead, wear shorts for a more stylish look.
  • Create a head-to-toe monochromatic look by adding gold accents to buttons and waistbands.
  • Put on a shirt dress under a military jacket, tied at the waist with a narrow belt.
  • Add colored shirts to complement the color of the sleeve trim.
  • Wear nautical stripes on t-shirts or shirts for a military theme.
  • Complete the look with a lightweight military-style jacket and an outdoor raincoat.

Adding the Right Footwear and Accessories with a Women’s Military Jacket

Accessories are minimal when considering the women’s military-style jacket accessories themselves. Consider choosing shoes, bags, and glasses to complete your look.

  • For a more professional touch, pair serious loafers or pumps with a military-style jacket and cropped pants.
  • Add a pair of sneakers or slip-on for a casual look.
  • Try strappy heels, skinny leather pants, and a tailored military jacket.
  • Add gold accents to sunglasses, bag straps, bracelets, or watches to pair them with gold buttons in an all-black outfit.
  • Wear a pair of black thigh-high boots with a dress or short skirt and a military-style blazer.
  • Wear a military jacket with suede pants and ankle boots, black or brown.
  • Accessorize with airmen to keep the military theme alive. Alternatively, consider oversized dark sunglasses.

These tips will help you choose the perfect military jacket for women this season. Experiment with a wide selection of styles, colors, lengths, and cuts until you find the perfect jacket that you can style and make yourself. Whatever you choose, choose the right shoes to stand out wherever you go. So go ahead, keep calm and go!

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